Scientific mission

  • Physical processes in atmosphere form the part of climate system. It is under a permanent change and this is recognizable at global, regional and local levels. The atmosphere which consists of a mixture of ideal gases reaches the height of a few hundreds of kilometers above the ground. Nevertheless, the basic weather phenomenon are going on in the lowest layer - troposphere. This is connected with other parts of climate system what creates a complex system of mutual binds and relations. Changes in atmospheric processes many times lead to the global changes in climatic system what consequently influences the human activities in many aspects.
  • The mission of the Department of Atmospheric Physics is in contributing to understand some of these processes and to give the answer on their mechanism, their forming and to changes which lead to the changes in our environment.
  • Department of Atmospheric Physics runs in cooperation with Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute two climatological observatories in mountain areas of High Tatras in Stará Lesná and Skalnaté pleso. Continual records of the weather and air pollution are supplemented by partial manual observations. They form a part of climatic network in Slovakia and they contribute to the monitoring of climate in mountain regions. More than 70 years time series document the development of the climate in these areas. A background station for air pollution control is located in Stará Lesná. This station is a part of the EMEP network created according to the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution.
  • The research concentrates on the harmonization of monitoring methods in cryosphere monitoring, the impacts of the climate change on biosphere and hydrosphere and monitoring of some of these impacts.