Signatures of the solar activity in the time-spatial variations of the geomagnetic field
Project ID:APVV-0662-12
Principal investigator:Fridrich Valach
Investigators from institution:Alexandra Marsenić, Miloš Revallo, Tomáš Šoltis, Magdaléna Váczyová
Co-operating investigators:

Fakulta matematiky, fyziky a informatiky Univerzity Komenského v Bratislave


The project focuses on research and analysis of complicated causal chain the Sun-Earth, which includes manifestations of solar activity linked to the characteristics of the solar wind and the censequent impact on the Earth’s magnetic field. The project will bring benefits in development of prediction methods for the state of geomagnetic activity using the information on solar activity, satellite measurements, as well as data from ground-based observatories (Geomagnetic Observatory of GI SAS Hurbanovo, Astronomical and Geophysical Observatory of FMPI CU Modra-Piesok). The subject is closely linked with the issue of space weather, which is now the conventional concept for the near-Earth space phenomena, in conjunction with coronal mass ejections (CME) and solar energetic particles (SEP). The principal task of the project will be the space weather forecasting and the identification of dominant geoeffective processes in the 24th solar cycle, particularly using methods of artificial neural networks. The studied manifestations of the geomagnetic activity will be taken into consideration in processing of the magnetic repeat stations measurements. In addition to these objectives, the project has ambitions to enhance the knowledge in other partial problems concerning the contemporary solar cycle; such as measuring and evaluating of the parameters of Schumann resonances and studying processes of cosmic magnetic field reconnection.