Basic research

PETRÍK, Igor - JANÁK, Marian - FROITZHEIM, Nikolaus - GEORGIEV, N. - YOSHIDA, Kenji - SASINKOVÁ, Vlasta - KONEČNÝ, Patrik - MILOVSKÁ, Stanislava. Triassic to Early Jurassic (c. 200 Ma) UHP metamorphism in the Central Rhodopes: evidence from U-Pb-Th dating of monazite in diamond-bearing gneiss from Chepelare (Bulgaria). In Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 2016, vol. 34, no. 3, p. 265-291. (3.673 - IF2015). (2016 - Current Contents). ISSN 0263-4929.

The paper resulted from the work of our international team (SR, Germany, Japan, Bulgaria), which discovered and identified a new occurrence of diamonds in the Bulgarian Rhodopes, dated the age of metamorphism and determined pressure – temperature conditions of ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) metamorphism responsible for the diamond formation (Petrík et al 2016). The age of metamorphism (200 Ma) was determined by monazite dating and its pressure (3.5-4.5 GPa), temperature (700-800° C) were calculated by thermodynamic modelling. Besides the older UHP phase the dated mineral monazite has preserved also a younger phase of granulite metamorphism 160 Ma ago. New results change older views on UHP metamorphism in the Rhodopes, which is older than previously thought. The deep subduction occurred when the Paleotethys Ocean has closed, the younger phase indicates already the beginning of a new cycle.

TOMAŠOVÝCH, Adam - KENNEDY, Jonathan D. - BETZNER, Tristan J. - BITLER KUEHNLE, Nicole - EDIE, Stewart - KIM, Sora - SUPRIYA, K. - WHITE, Alexander E. - RAHBEK, Carsten - HUANG, Shan - PRICE, Trevor D. - JABLONSKI, David. Unifying latitudinal gradients in range size and richness across marine and terrestrial systems. In Proceedings of Royal Society : B - Biological Sciences, 2016, vol. 283, no. 1830, article Number: 20153027. (4.823 - IF2015). (2016 - Current Contents). ISSN 0962-8452.

Many marine and terrestrial clades show similar latitudinal gradients in species richness, both peaking in the tropics. However, on land, endemic species occur in the tropics, whereas in the sea, endemic species occur at higher latitudes. Comparing terrestrial birds and marine bivalves at global scales, we find that (1) gradients in endemicity are similar at genus level and (2) genus endemicity positively correlates with per-genus species richness, suggesting that within-genus species diversification promotes genus expansion to novel latitudes. These results demonstrate that birds and bivalves share similar latitudinal dynamics in net species diversification that peaks in the tropics.

VALACH, Fridrich - VÁCZYOVÁ, Magdaléna - REVALLO, Miloš. Producing K indices by the intensive method based on the traditional hand-scaling methodology - preliminary results. In Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 2016, vol. 137, no. 1, p. 10-16. (1.463 - IF2015). (2016 - Current Contents, WOS, SCOPUS). ISSN 1364-6826.

VALACH, Fridrich - HEJDA, Pavel - REVALLO, Miloš - BOCHNÍČEK, Josef - VÁCZYOVÁ, Magdaléna. Testing the interactive computer method (IM) for producting K indices with the data of the Hurbanovo and Budkov magnetic observatories. In Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 2016, vol. 147, no. 1, p. 90-97. (1.463 - IF2015). (2016 - Current Contents, WOS, SCOPUS). ISSN 1364-6826.

An interactive computer method (IM) for producing K indices on the base of digital magnetograms was developed. For high level of the geomagnetic activity (K index at least 5) the IM method performs better than the up-to-date codes FMI and AS.

Applied research

FOJTÍKOVÁ, Lucia - KRISTEKOVÁ, Miriam - MÁLEK, Jiří - SOKOS, Efthimios - CSICSAY, Kristian - ZAHRADNÍK, Jiří. Quantifying capability of a local seismic network in terms of locations and focal mechanism solutions of weak earthquakes. In Journal of Seismology, 2016, vol. 20, no. 1, p. 93-106. (1.550 - IF2015). (2016 - Current Contents). ISSN 1383-4649.

We suggested the combination of suitable methods (including the new one) for quantification of accuracy of earthquake location and determination of focal mechanisms for a given area and seismic station configuration. We also developed the free software. Our analysis was applied to the Malé Karpaty local seismic network (Slovakia). This network enables seismic monitoring of the source zone in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant, important from the point of seismic hazard. Obtained results clearly demonstrate that suggested network extension remarkably decreases the errors of earthquake location and focal mechanism determination and improves seismic monitoring of the area. The results can also serve as a basis for decision making process when considering financial support of the network extension.

PÁNISOVÁ, Jaroslava - MURÍN, Igor - PAŠTEKA, Roman - HALIČKOVÁ, Jana - BRUNČÁK, Peter - POHÁNKA, Vladimír - PAPČO, Juraj - MILO, Peter. Geophysical fingerprints of shallow cultural structures from microgravity and GPR measurements in the Church of St. George, Svaty Jur, Slovakia. In Journal of Applied Geophysics, 2016, vol. 127, p. 102-111. (1.355 - IF2015). (2016 - Current Contents). ISSN 0926-9851.

Four medieval crypts and west wall foundations of the former Romanesque construction were successfully delineated in the nave of the Church of St. George in Svätý Jur using microgravity and GPR methods. The results from harmonic inversion combined with GPR and density modelling helped to construct a spatial model of these cultural features, which is now added into the visualisation of the visible parts of the church. We have shown that 2D geophysical images or quantitative interpretations in form of 3D models can be easily incorporated into virtual databases of built heritage.

BOCHNÍČEK, Oliver - BORSÁNYI, Peter - ČEPČEKOVÁ, Eva - FAŠKO, Pavol - CHMELÍK, Miroslav - JANČOVIČOVÁ, Ľubica - KAPOLKOVÁ, Hana - LABUDOVÁ, Lívia - MIKULOVÁ POĽČOVÁ, Katarína - MIŠAGA, Oliver - NEJEDLÍK, Pavol - PRIBULLOVÁ, Anna - SNOPKOVÁ, Zora - ŠŤASTNÝ, Pavel - ŠVEC, Marek - TURŇA, Maroš. Klimatický Atlas Slovenska. Banská Štiavnica : Slovenský hydrometeorologický ústav, 2015. 132 s. ISBN 978-80-88907-91-6.

Climate Atlas of Slovakia represents a unique book as it is coming as a second work of this kind after more than 55 years. 172 maps and more than 200 graphs and tables show the evolution of climate in Slovakia over last 50 years in its geographic and historic frame.

Research related to international collaboration

FROITZHEIM, Nikolaus - MILADINOVA, Irena - JANÁK, Marian - KULLERUD, K. - RAVNA, Erling J. Krogh - MAJKA, Jarosław - FRONSECA, Raul O. C. - MÜNKER, Carsten - NAGEL, Thorsten. Devonian subduction and syncollisional exhumation of continental crust in Lofoten, Norway. In Geology, 2016, vol. 44, no. 3, p. 223-226. (4.548 - IF2015). (2016 - Current Contents). ISSN 0091-7613.

The research was realised in collaboration with foreign partners from Norway (University Tromsø), Germany (University Bonn) and Sweden (Uppsala University), and comprised the determination of pressure – temperature conditions and age of metamorphism of Lofoten eclogites, Norwegian Caledonides (Froitzheim et al. 2016). The P-T conditions of eclogite metamorphism were calculated as T = 650-670 °C, P = 2.5-2.7 GPa. The age was determined by Lu-Hf method applied to eclogite garnets. The results demonstrate that the Lofoten basement was subducted to depths more than 90 km, 400 Ma ago (the Devonian period) and resulted from global continental collision by Baltica subduction below Laurencia. This resolved a critical controversy on the age of eclogite metamorphismand and its correlation with other tectonic units of northatlantic Caledonides.

LUKENEDER, Alexander - SOTÁK, Ján - JOVANE, L. - GIORGIONI, M. - SAVIAN, Jairo F. - HALÁSOVÁ, Eva - REHÁKOVÁ, Daniela - JÓZSA, Štefan - KROH, Andreas - FLORINDO, F. - SPROVIERI, M. Multistratigraphic records of the Lower Cretaceous (Valanginian-Cenomanian) Puez key area in N. Italy. In Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 2016, vol. 447, p. 65-87. (2.525 - IF2015). (2016 - Current Contents). ISSN 0031-0182.

MICHALÍK, Jozef - REHÁKOVÁ, Daniela - GRABOWSKI, Jacek - LINTNEROVÁ, Otília - SVOBODOVÁ, A. - SCHLÖGL, Ján - SOBIEŃ, Katarzyna - SCHNABL, Petr. Stratigraphy, plankton communities, and magnetic proxies at the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary in the Pieniny Klippen Belt (Western Carpathians, Slovakia). In Geologica Carpathica, 2016, vol. 67, no. 4, p. 303-328. (1.523 - IF2015). (2016 - Current Contents). ISSN 1335-0552.

Multidisciplinary study of the Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous formations of the Western Carpathians (Michalík et al. 2016) and Southern Alps (Lukeneder, Soták et al. 2016) serves as the basis for selection of boundary stratotype in the international stratigraphic scale and for analysis of global paleooceanographic changes. Important changes in microorganisms,  stabile isotopes and organic carbon indicate colder period, disturbed by warmer latest Jurassic episode, and followed by explosive development of planktonic biota in earliest Cretaceous due to warm water influx, salinity increase and intensification of oceanic currents. The study of  Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary forms a part of the work of the International Commision on stratigraphy (ICS). The analysis of early Cretaceous events at the Puez section provided an evidence of diversification in planktonic foraminifera since  Hauterivian (Faraoni event), indications of global oceanic anoxic events in Albian (OAE 1b a OAB1d), and long-term increasing trend in paleotemperatures culminated in most distinct warming of the Earth in supergreenhause period during the mid-Cretaceous time. By a long-ranging stratigraphic  record and comprehensive elaboration, the Puez section became an important stratotype  in the Tethyan realm.

NEMČOK, Michal - RYBÁR, S. - SINHA, S. T. - HERMESTON, S. - LEDVÉNYIOVÁ, L.. Transform Margins : Development, Controls and Petroleum Systems. 1. vyd. - London : Geological Society, 2016, 385 p. ISBN 978-1-86239-744-6.

Monography provides an overview of the existing knowldege of transform margins of litospheric plates including their dynamic development, structural architecture and thermal regime. The monography can be used  for describing predictive models of various petroleum systems. Monography was written by many experts from abroad.