Geophysical multi.parametric modelling of the Earth´s crust and upper mantle in Slovakia
Project ID:APVV-16-0482
Principal investigator:Ján Vozár
Investigators from institution:Vladimír Bezák, Miroslav Bielik, Dušan Bilčík, Ladislav Brimich, Jana Dérerová, Ján Madarás, Jozef Madzin, Dušan Majcin, Alexandra Marsenič, Jaroslava Pánisová, Peter Vajda, Pavol Záhorec
Co-operating investigators:

In the proposed project we will use multi-parametric joint modelling to obtain information about crustal and upper mantle structures in Slovakia. The primary focus of the project will be on central and eastern Slovakia due to existence of seven measured magnetotelluric (MT) profiles and several seismic sections together with gravimetric data good spatial coverage. In addition to MT, we will use additional geophysical methods (e.g. gravimetric, seismic and geothermal) in joint modelling of old and newly collected data, and regional tectonic information, which will allow interpretation of crustal and also mantle structures. The actual geological methods (geological cross-sections) and data from boreholes will provide information on the structure to depths up to few kilometres. The resulting geophysical-geological models of the selected profiles, complemented by 3D models of selected areas and thermal data will not only provide scientific benefits, but they can also be used in various spheres of economic activity (large constructions, searching for underground water and raw material resources, geothermal energy, etc.). The project’s main objective is the construction of a new comprehensive geophysical model and interpretation of shallow and deep structures of the lithosphere in central and eastern Slovakia. By applying multi-parametric joint inversion scheme (integrated modelling of various measured geophysical data and relevant tectonic models) we will take into account the interdependence and coupling among various geophysical, tectonic and petrological information. The benefits of this modelling consist in possibility to obtain more accurate information on the spatial distribution of geological bodies, tectonic structures and new information about the relationships between the physical parameters of the rocks. Final project outputs will be geophysical and geological multi-dimensional models of the earth’s crust and mantle of a given territory.