New Bouguer anomaly map of the Alpine-Carpathian area: a tool for gravity and tectonic applications
Project ID:APVV-19-0150
Principal investigator:Pavol Zahorec
Investigators from institution:Peter Vajda, Jana Dérerová
Co-operating investigators:

Exact calculation of the complete Bouguer anomalies (CBA) plays an important role in applied gravimetry, whereas these serve as the main input into geological, structural and tectonic interpretation (in CBA maps all non-geological influences – mainly the manifestation of relief – are suppresed and the density inhomogeneities in lithosphere structure are displayed). The team of investigators of the submitted project was invited in the frame of an European initiative (AlpArray Gravity Research Group) with the aim to create a new map of CBA from the Alpine-Carpathian area. Up to day published solutions, coming from the so-called „Slovak gravimetric school“ (e.g.: reambulation of gravimetric databases on the national level, calculation of near and distant topographic effects, regularized, transformations of potential fields, 3D complex density modelling with the introduction of the geological corrections, stripping of gravimetric fields) could be further developed and applied during the tectonic interpretation of the new CBA map from the Alpine-Carpathian region with the aim to improve the knowledge about Alpine orogenesis and its relation to the upper-mantle dynamics. As a part of the project, there are planned also verification field measurements, which can contribute to the improvement of the precision of the gravimetrical dataset of the Alpine- Carpathian area. Project has chance to develop the methodics of CBA calculation in high-mountains environment using the concept of ellipsoidal heights and to deliver to other experts an unique new gravimetric map from the region of Western and Central Europe. Main output of the project will be the new CBA map from the Alpine- Carpathian region in a digital format (grid 4×4 km), which will be provided for a realisation of gravimetric, geodynamic, exploration, geothermal and other studies and researches. Additional outputs of the project will be the transformed maps (grids) of CBA field.