Time Dependent Seismology
Project ID:COST — ES1401
Principal investigator:Peter Moczo
Investigators from institution:Jozef Kristek
Co-operating investigators:

Seismology is learning to use the full-length records of seismic events and background ambient noise to go beyond still-life snapshots of the interior of the Earth, and look into time-dependent changes of its properties. Data availability has grown dramatically with the expansion of seismographic networks and data centers, and new efforts are bringing in highly promising, unconventional records of earth vibrations, so as to build prospects of more detailed and accurate analyses. New modelling techniques hold promise for deeper exploitation of information contained in the data. COST Action TIDES (TIme DEpendent Seismology) aims at structuring the EU seismological community to enable development of data-intensive, time-dependent techniques for monitoring Earth active processes (e.g., earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, glacial earthquakes) as well as oil/gas reservoirs. TIDES will network European laboratories in Academia and Industry with complementary skills and will organise a series of workshops and advanced schools to train the next generation of scientists. TIDES will facilitate the exploitation of massive data sets collected by European observational infrastructures – coordinated through the ESFRI EPOS – through the use of high-performance computing facilities. TIDES will strengthen Europe’s role in a critical field for natural hazards and natural resource management.