Genesis and evolutionary stages of the granite massif in the Tatric part of the Nízke Tatry Mts.
Project ID:VEGA 2/0075/20
Principal investigator:Igor Broska
Investigators from institution:Peter Bačík, Stanislav Jeleň, Milan Kohút, Sergy Kurylo, Mária Maraszewska, Igor Petrík, Ľubica Puškelová
Co-operating investigators:

Project is focused on solution of genesis and evolution of granite massif in the Tatric part of the Nízke Tatry Mountains where up to now seven granite types were recognised. In spite of the importance of this large granite massif the modern complex geochemical and petrological analysis along with modern geochronology and solving genetic time sequence (mainly on the basis of the monazite chemical dating and isotopic zircon analysis) still absents. The new obtained data for the granite massif of the Nizke Tatry Mts., which has been repeatedly metamorphosed and has metallogenetic significance, will be correlated with the granites in the rest of the West-Carpathian crystalline basement and also with the Variscan Europe.