doc. RNDr. Jozef Michalík, DrSc.

Research interests:
  • paleontology of marine macroscopic non-vertebrates
  • carbonate facies
  • carbonate sequential stratigraphy
  • paleooceanography and paleoclimatology
  • Mesozoic biostratigraphy
  • facies and paleogeography

1969:   Department of geology & paleontology, Charles University Prague
1970:   RNDr (Doctor of Natural Sciences), Charles University Prague
1976:   CSc. (~PhD), Geological Institute, SAS Bratislava
1994:   DrSc (~Research Professor), Comenius University Bratislava
1998:   guest docent, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University Bratislava
2005:   docent, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University Bratislava

Work experiences:

1969   assistant, Geological Institute, SAS Bratislava
1976   scientist, Geological Institute, SAS Bratislava
1995   senior scientist, Geological Institute, SAS Bratislava
1996-2002   director, Geological Institute, SAS Bratislava

Internationl cooperation:

1976-1980:   Triassic of the Tethys realm. Project 4 IGCP UNESCO (leader H. Zapfe), member.
1987-1992:   Tethyan Cretaceous correlation Project 262 IGCP UNESCO (leaders G. Császár, H. Kollmann), member
1993-1997:   Tethyan/Boreal Cretaceous correlation. Project 362 IGCP UNESCO (leaders J. Michalík, H. Leereveld) – international co-leader
1996 – present:   Geologica Carpathica, Editor.
2000 – present:   corresponding member of Triassic Stratigraphic Subcommission of IUGS.
2001-2002:   Warning against abrupt climatic turnovers. Project 45 Visegrad International Fund, international leader.
2001-2005:   Slovak National Geological Committee, chairman.
2001-2005:   TRIBE Project (458 IGCP UNESCO) – national coordinator
2002-2006:   CORB Project (463 IGCP UNESCO) – member