National Network of Seismic Stations recorded seismic waves generated by a nuclear explosion in North Korea

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On September 3rd, 2017 at 03:41:09 UTC the National Network of Seismic Stations (NNSS) operated by the Earth Science Institute SAS (ESI SAS) recorded seismic waves (Fig. 1-2) generated by a nuclear explosion in North Korea in the region Punggye-ri on September 3rd, 2017 at 12:20 local time (03:20 UTC). Based on seismic waves interpretation in ESI SAS the power of the explosion was estimated equivalent to an earthquake with magnitude 6.5.

The nuclear test is clearly visible on the live seismogram from the Kolonicke sedlo seismic station (Fig. 3) and other stations of NNSS. Interpreted data of the explosion based on seismic records from NNSS are in good correlation with the final earthquake parameters provided by the International Seismological Data Center CSEM-EMSC.

Fig. 1. Seismic records of the nuclear test from September 3rd, 2017, from the seismic stations of NNSS. Arrivals of the P seismic waves are indicated on the records.
Fig. 2. Seismic record from the Červenica (CRVS) seismic station.
Fig. 3. Live seismogram from the Kolonické sedlo (KOLS) seismic station.