Tectonic and sedimentary mass transfer within the prograding Western Carpathian orogenic wedge
Project ID:APVV-0212-12
Principal investigator:Jana Bučová
Investigators from institution:Vladimír Bezák, Jozef Madzin
Co-operating investigators:

The research project addresses unclear points of the structure and Mesozoic-Paleogene tectonic evolution of the Western Carpathians, which are concentrated around two narrow zones with intricate structure regarded as oceanic sutures – the Neotethyan suture between the Internal and Central, and the Pennine one between the Central and External Carpathians. The partial research topics that concern the Neotethyan (Meliata) suture are focused on structural character of the Meliatic and Turnaic units, origin of the ophiolite and carbonate material in Jurassic tectonosedimentary breccias, as well as palaeogeographic setting, mechanisms and time of emplacement of the Hronic and Silicic nappes. In areas around the Klippen Belt, we shall try to clarify sources of exotic conglomerates, position of the Senonian – Lower Eocene deposits in the Periklippen Zone and origin of the Belice Unit in the Považský Inovec Mts. Elucidation of these long-term problematic aspects is essential for development of a new synthetic evolutionary model of the Western Carpathians, which is the ultimate project goal. The research methods are focused on the field-based structural analysis, mapping and sample collection for analytical lithologic- sedimentologic, biostratigraphic, geochemical, geochronological and petrological investigations. New palaeomagnetic investigations will be performed in cooperation with the Earth Sciences Institute of the SAS. Students, particularly PhD students, will be broadly involved.