Perlite genesis and inovative approaches to its exploitation and processing
Project ID:APVV-0339-12
Principal investigator:Jaroslav Lexa
Investigators from institution:Adrián Biroň, Katarína Gregorová
Co-operating investigators:

Prírodovedecká fakulta Univerzity Komenského, Bratislava


The submitted project is original and innovative in its aim to connect information about genesis with quantitative and technological parameters of a mineral deposit, with usage of GIS environment. Aims of the project correspond to the current initiative of the EU “Resource efficient Europe”. Perlite is volcanic glass and represents an important environmental raw material. Lehôtka pod Brehmi deposit has been exploited for a long time and Jastrabá deposit just starts to be mined. Both deposits belong to the company LB Minerals, Inc., that will act as a project outcomes customer and will actively participate at the project. Based on paleovolcanic reconstruction and laboratory research we will create a 3D model of qualitative parameters of Lehôtka pod Brehmi deposit and with a lower level of precision also of Jastrabá deposit. The project will also deal with the issue of conditions of rhyolite glass hydration and dynamics of perlite dehydration. Innovative procedures of quick perlite quality determination during operation conditions will be also studied. Simultaneously, the way of waste (perlite fine fraction) elimination will be examined. The possibility of the waste application as a starting material for synthesis of zeolites and as pozzolana admixture in cement will be verified. The 3D model and accompanying activities will allow to the producer to prepare final product according to the market demands and to make the exploitation and processing of perlite more effective.