Complex model of base and precious metal mineralisation at the Rozália mine in Hodruša - Hámre
Project ID:APVV-15-0083
Principal investigator:Jaroslav Lexa
Investigators from institution:Adrián Biroň, Igor Broska, Jarmila Luptáková, Tomáš Mikuš, Jakub Urblík
Co-operating investigators:

PriFUK Bratislava – Peter Koděra


The project deals with the only ore deposit actively mined in Slovakia that is exceptional by richness of ore and its structural position on subhorizontal veins in center of the Štiavnica stratovolcano caldera. Epithermal Pb-Zn- Au-Ag vein deposit at Rozália mine was studied in detail just in its western part, while for its eastern part which is being intensively mined already since 2008, there are missing basic data about structural position, mineralogy and alteration. Genesis of the deposit is neither sufficiently solved. The absence of this information causes problems in exploration for further occurrences of this type of mineralisation in the district and in processing of ore. The creation of a complex model of mineralisation, including 3D modelling of mining works, geology and distribution of useful metals at the deposit in GIS, will significantly contribute to formulation of genetic model and resource assessment and it will result in more effective exploration and mining activities at the deposit. Genetic model of this exceptional deposit will contribute to general understanding of genesis of epithermal systems.