Brachiopods As SEnsitive tracers of gLobal mariNe Environment: Insights from alkaline, alkaline Earth metal, and metalloid trace element ratios and isotope systems
Project ID:Horizont 2020 – MSCA-ITN-2014
Principal investigator:Adam Tomašových
Investigators from institution:
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BASE-LiNE Earth is an international training, research and career development network for highly motivated young scientists, who are exposed to state-of-the-art research on one hand and to a comprehensive training programme on the other. Data on seawater composition are essential for understanding long-term chemical processes of socio-economic dimension like the evolution of life, land-ocean interaction, atmospheric chemistry, ecosystem adaptation to climate change, oceanic trace metal cycling, and for applied geological processes like the formation of submarine energy resources. BASE-LiNE Earth offers societally important deliverables like time series of past trace element and isotope cycling and models about ocean material fluxes in and out of the Phanerozoic Ocean through 15 graduate projects. 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) will contribute to extend the knowledge on the complex and long-term Phanerozoic seawater history by the determination of original proxy information preserved in reliable ancient geological archives using cutting edge technologies and experimental approaches.