Electrical conductivity and geological structure in the West Carpathians and its transition to the Bohemian Massif
Project ID:MAD Česko – Slovensko
Principal investigator:Vladimír Bezák
Investigators from institution:Jana Bučová, Dušan Majcin, Tomáš Šoltis
Co-operating investigators:

The aim of the project is to interpret the structure of the Earth’s crust of the West Carpathians in the area of southern and south-eastern Slovakia by jointly modelling geophysical and tectonic data in the region. Available seismic, magnetic and gravity data will be modelled jointly with broad-band magnetotelluric data, which have been either made available from previous experiments or will be partly collected by targeted experiments within this project. Owing to its sensitivity to spatially localized accumulations of highly conductive fractions, either fluids or electronic conductors related to tectonic disturbances in the crust, the electrical conductivity effectively complements geophysical images of the Earth’s crust by providing estimates on the spatial distribution of significant tectonic zones at great depths. The obtained synthetic physical models will be utilized for the interpretation of deep tectonic zones and of the deep geological structure of the Earth’s crust within the frame of the General geological map of the Slovak Republic 1:200.000.