Geophysical events and their bioindication using microorganisms
Project ID:MAD Ukrajina–Slovensko
Principal investigator:Pavol Nejedlík
Investigators from institution:Magdaléna Váczyová, Fridrich Valach, Dušan Podhorský, Anna Buchholcerová
Co-operating investigators:

Institute of Microbiology and Virology of NAS of Ukraine


Using the results and hypotheses obtained in the joint research during 2017-2019, the project team has decided to continue research activities within the frame of this project, that including the following steps: – monitoring fluctuations of geophysical phenomena such as low-frequency geomagnetic field fluctuations (Slovakia, Hurbanovo Geomagnetic Observatory), high time resolution measurements of atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity ( in the regions of Ukraine and Slovakia) to perform the amplitude-frequency analysis of the obtained data; -development and modification of systems for automatized investigation of bioindicator parameters and an aspect of modelling of geophysical parameters; -determination of processes of interaction of fluctuations of geophysical factors with changes of bioluminescence of bacteria, metachromasia of voluminous granules of yeast and antioxidant properties of plants, those being as bioindicators; – development of algorithms and programs for the study of correlations between fluctuations of geophysical phenomena characteristics considered and bioindicators; – comparative analysis of the obtained data to determine the mechanisms of influence of chosen geophysical factors on biologically important processes.