U-Th-Pb zircon dating of Variscan granitic and Alpine subvolcanic intrusive rocks of Western Carpathians: implications to orogenic and metallogenetic processes
Project ID:SK-KR-18-0008
Principal investigator:Igor Broska
Investigators from institution:Milan Kohút, Maria Maraszewska
Co-operating investigators:

Korea Basic Science Institute


The project is oriented on the precise dating of selected granites of principal orogenetic events which formed recent Western Carpathians i.e. main Variscan and Alpine orogenesis. Recently the zircon is widely used for dating of granites and especially by sensitive high resolution ion microprobe (SHRIMP) dating which is only way how to recognise the multiply growing of zircons during orogenic events. The project is focus on dating of granites within Štiavnica stratovolcano to identify the formation time of principal metallogenetic events. The Korean laboratory is experienced with dating of the Tertiary zircons in spite of long half-time decay of uranium from zircon therefore would be desirable to date the samples also from the Slovak neovolcanic rocks in the Korea – SHRIMP facility is not accessible in the central Europe. The second task of project is the dating of Variscan granites which are perhaps related to collisional processes. Such granites are not well-recognised and the data will be important to solve the problem of shortening within the Variscan orogeny which formed the recent crystalline basement of the Western Carpathians including the Tertiary neovolcanic rocks. The result of dating will be used for geodynamic reconstruction.