Comparison of country remediation possibilities in surrounding of selected European Cu-deposits
Project ID:VEGA 1/0538/15
Principal investigator:Stanislava Milovská
Investigators from institution:Jarmila Luptáková, Stanislav Jeleň
Co-operating investigators:

Turisová Ingrid RNDr. PhD.,Melichová Zuzana RNDr. PhD, Hroncová Emília Ing. PhD., Ladomerský Juraj prof. Mgr. CSc., Nagyová Iveta Ing. PhD., Dubiel Ján Ing.,


Previous results of the mineralogical, pedological, hydrological, hydrogeological and geochemical investigation enabled objective imagine about the spatial distribution of heavy metals, about the kinetics and direction of their migration shown also by GIS instruments. The optimal solutions of balanced remediation of investigated mining territory, mainly of water (installation of new geochemical barriers at Špania Dolina and testing of already existing geochemical barriers at Ľubietová) and selection of plants suitable for fytoremediation of contaminated country will be presented as a result of the interdisciplinary reseach. The recommended remediation will be realised with respect to the features of mining territory in such a way to consider the environmental, mining-historical and economic aspects. For a consideration of the results will be compared the situation at Ľubietová and Špania Dolina deposits with Cu-deposits from Italy and Portugal. 1 – 2 PhD-students will be affiliated to the research-team.