Mineralogy and genesis of economically important types of gold mineralization in the Central Slovakia Volcanic Field
Project ID:VEGA 1/0560/15
Principal investigator:Jaroslav Lexa
Investigators from institution:Adrián Biroň, Stanislav Jeleň, Jarmila Luptáková
Co-operating investigators:

This project deals with characterisation of two most important types of precious metal mineralisation in Slovakia that have a real economic importance. Completion of their current level of knowledge in terms of mineralogy and genesis can significantly help in exploration and mining of these ores. Epithermal vein Au-Ag deposit Rozália mine was studied in detail in its western part, while for its eastern part that is intensively mined since 2008, mineralogical data are missing and its genesis is not satisfactorily clear. The absence of this information causes problems with processing of ores and prospecting for this type of ore in this district. Porphyry gold mineralisation is a new type of Au ore in Western Carpathians that proved to be a very specific type of deposit even in world comparison. The study of this mineralisation has a potential to significantly improve the knowledge of these rare magmatic-hydrothermal systems, which can help to make their exploration more effective also elsewhere in the world.