Integration of latest findings and approaches of gravimetry, geothermics and deep seismics for determining lithospheric structure and tectonics focusing on Western Carpathians
Project ID:VEGA 2/0006/19
Principal investigator:Peter Vajda
Investigators from institution:Peter Vajda, Miroslav Bielik, Ján Vozár, Jozef Vozár, Dušan Majcin, Vladimír Bezák, Jana Dérerová, Jaroslava Pánisová, Ladislav Brimich, Dušan Bilčík, Igor Kohút, Čestmír Tomek
Co-operating investigators:

Integration of the most recent knowledge, findings, and interpretation approaches to investigating the geological structure and tectonic processes of the lithosphere of the Western Carpathians by means of gravimetry, geothermics, deep seismics, structural geology and tectonics. To study the lithosphere, existing available geophysical data as well as geological and tectonic models will be reinterpreted utilizing the most recent approaches and modeling tools. New 2D and 3D crustal and upper mantle models shall be created including refined Moho and LAB. Our reinterpretation will lean on most recent findings from geothermic modeling and magnetotelluric exploration achieved over latest years at our institute. The final lithospheric geological-geophysical models will draw from the results of regional geologic and tectonic investigations. The project aims at improving the quality of basic earth science research in Slovakia. We assume also deliverables in terms of exploiting geo-sources and renewable energy.