Cockroaches from amber II
Project ID:VEGA 2/0042/18
Principal investigator:Peter Vršanský
Investigators from institution:Ivana Koubová
Co-operating investigators:

Cockroaches are among the most significant groups of terrestrial fossil record and their study in this agency terminated in two successful projects (one selected excellent project of the agency, referenced in Nature, Science, 2x title BBC) . Project is summarising and studying more than 2000 amber cockroaches with at least 1.300 samples from the extremely rare Mesozoic ambers (from time of dinosaurs). Unique study contributes to the knowledge of the amber source ecosystems (paleoecology), detailed phylogenetical analysis (evolution), functional morphology and anatomy of Mesozoic animals including the sensorial systems, having no equivalent. The modest methods including synchrotron and newly developed ad-hoc optical methods are to be used.