Magnetotelluric modeling of deep tectonic structures at the European pltform and Carpathian block interface.
Project ID:VEGA 2/0047/20
Principal investigator:Vladimír Bezák
Investigators from institution:Ján Vozár, Jozef Madzin, Alexandra Marsenič, Dominika Godová
Co-operating investigators:

The development during the youngest phases of the current orogeny of the Western Carpathians is atypical compared to the other young orogeny in the world. The cause is the oblique collision of the Carpathian block with European platform leading to the formation of highly complex subsurface tectonic structures at the interface of these two plates. It is also important to trace the manifestations of this oblique collision in the deep tectonic structures. This is only possible through geophysical methods. The project aims to analyze the deep tectonic structures at the interface between European platform and Carpathian block by magnetotelluric modeling using seismic, gravimetric and magnetic data.