Density analysis of the rock environment based on surface and underground gravity measurements
Project ID:VEGA 2/0100/20
Principal investigator:Pavol Zahorec
Investigators from institution:Igor Kohút, Martin Bednárik
Co-operating investigators:

Density of rocks is a basic parameter characterizing the rock environment from the point of view of gravimetry. Its correct estimation for a given area is a necessary condition for correct processing and interpretation of gravimetric measurements. In the case of Slovakia that fact is emphasized by the rugged mountainous character of our territory, and at the same time complicated geological structure of the Western Carpathians. It is known that laboratory density analyzes of rock samples do not always reflect the natural density properties of the rocks. For that reason methods of direct analysis of gravimetric measurements are becoming increasingly important. In particular, the combination of surface and underground gravimetric measurements is a very suitable approach. The aim of the project will be to develop this methodology using the most modern geophysical and geodetic methods. The subject of the research will also be the application of the above-mentioned methodology in the archaeological research.