Sedimentary paleoenvironments and transport-depositional mechanisms in the Paleogene formations of the Central Western Carpathians
Project ID:VEGA 2/0014/18
Principal investigator:Dušan Starek
Investigators from institution:Júlia Kotulová, Vladimír Šimo, Juraj Šurka
Co-operating investigators:

Paleoenvironmental reconstructions and definition of transport-depositional mechanisms are a key to analyse of sedimentary basins. Implementation of sedimentological, palaeoecological, geochemical and statistical analysis allows to define the fundamental depositional environments, architecture of the sedimentary basin fill, transport-depositional mechanisms as well as genetic facies and their vertical cyclicity within studied Paleogene units in the Central Western Carpathians. Synthesis of data on lateral and vertical development of the paleoenvironments, that is preserved within architectural elements of the basin fill, and transport-depositional specifications will lead to the definition of depositional model of the basin as well as to the clarifying knowledges about autocyclic and alocyclic factors affecting the sedimentation. The acquired knowledge will contribute to the reconstruction of palaeogeography and tectogenesis of the Carpathian Paleogene basins.