Integrated sedimentological study of the Paleogene formations of the Central Western Carpathians: a reconstruction of the depositional paleoenvironments in relation to tectogenetic processes, subsidence history of the basin and changing climate regimes
Project ID:VEGA 2/0017/15
Principal investigator:Dušan Starek
Investigators from institution:Vladimír Šimo, Kamil Fekete, Juraj Šurka
Co-operating investigators:

The goal of proposed project is the implementation of integrated sedimentological research of the Paleogene Fm. of the Central Western Carpathians. Sedimentary formations of the Subtatric Group originated in different depositional palaeoenvironments evolving during sequence-stratigraphic evolution of the basin and their nature was in direct relation to the changing climate, tectogene processes and subsidence history of the basin. Implementation of detailed facies analysis inclusive sedimentology, petrography and palaeontology research allow to define main depositional palaeoenvironments, their lateral and vertical development as well as their genetic relations. The results will contribute to the interpretation of the basin fill architecture and its palaeoenviromental developments in relation to changing system tract during sequence – stratigraphic evolution of the basin. The acquired knowledge will have a wider use in the reconstruction of paleogeography and tectogenesis of the Carpathian Paleogene basins.