Global event stratigraphic correlations and paleoenvironments of the Cretaceous and Paleogene formations of the Western Carpathians: biotic, sedimentary and geochemical proxies
Project ID:VEGA 2/0034/16
Principal investigator:Ján Soták
Investigators from institution:Silvia Antolíková, Adrián Biroň, Hana Demeterová, Kamil Fekete, Jozef Michalík, Rastislav Milovský, (Zuzana Pulišová), Jana Rigová, Dušan Starek, Juraj Šurka, Danka Troppová, Marek Vďačný
Co-operating investigators:

Prírodovedecká fakulta UK Bratislava


The project is focused on two dissimilar gological periods, in which the fundamental changes of Earth?s global systems took place. These changes disturbed the conditions of thermal stability of the Cretaceous period and culminated by the biotic crisis on K/T boundary (65.5 Ma), which was folloved by perturbations with enormous uprise of temperature (55 Ma), climatic optimum (40 Ma) a finally with the Late Eocene climatic cooling (33.5 Ma). Therefore, the project goals are intended in identification and stratigraphic dating of these global events in sedimentary formations of the Western Carpathians. Their records will be analysed in term of bioproductivity, paleotemperatures and nutrients, oxygen concentration, stress indicators, stable isotopes, volcanic and meteoric products. Such data allow to interpret the events of extinction and phylogenesis of new taxa, climatic conditions, anoxic events, indices of eutrophization, eustatic changes, sedimentary environments, syngenetic volcanisms and impact events.