Implementation of recent innovations in potential fields interpretation methodology
Project ID:VEGA 2/0042/15
Principal investigator:Peter Vajda
Investigators from institution:(Vladimír Bezák), Miroslav Bielik, Dušan Bilčík, Ladislav Brimich, Jana Dérerová, Roland Karcol, Igor Kohút, Dušan Majcin, Jaroslava Pánisová, Vladimír Pohánka, (Pavol Zahorec, Anna Kubová)
Co-operating investigators:

Implementation of the recent innovations from the theoretical and numerical developments in the potential fields inversion methodology for investigating the structure and properties of the earth lithosphere and asthenosphere, as well as for societal benefits. The application of innovated interpretational procedures based on software packages CAGES, LitMod3D and Inversion3D. The utilization of inversion methodology based on a combination of several optional interpretational steps: removal of model regional trend, stripping, depth-wise separation of signal of sources by means of a triple harmonic continuation of the observed surface data, identification of multiple sources with the help of nonlinear optimization by line segments, determination of positions and geometry of multiple sources given as star-convex homogenous bodies and/or 3D contrast contact/interface surfaces by means of nonlinear inversion based on the so called local corrections. The application of innovations of geothermal modelling.