Atmospheric processes and tropospheric ozone in the mountain environment
Project ID:VEGA 2/0053/14
Principal investigator:Svetlana Bičárová
Investigators from institution:Dušan Bilčík, Ivan Bohuš, Anna Buchholcerová, Pavol Nejedlík, Dušan Podhorský, Alžbeta Radimáková
Co-operating investigators:

Janík Rastislav


Complex terrain of the High Tatra Mts is characterised by variable meteorological and climatic conditions. Driving forces of atmospheric processes in system atmosphere-soil-vegetation are solar radiation and energy balance of earth surface. Serious problem of mountainous regions is long-range transport of secondary air pollution, especially dry deposition of ground-level ozone (O3) and wet depositon of acidifying components (S, N, H+). Recent research of O3 impact on forests requires detailed information about the physical and chemical processes associated with O3 formation (photochemical potential of UV radiation) and transport of O3 from the atmosphere to the earth surface (dry deposition). The aim of this project is to study the variability of solar and UV photochemically active radiation; to evaluate the extent of acidification or eutrophication of forest soils and to estimate the phytotoxic O3 potential for typical forest species in the High Tatras region.