Multiproxy analysis of limnic profundal deposits: cyclicity and variability of the environment in Late Miocene of the Central Paratethys
Project ID:VEGA 2/0056/15
Principal investigator:Radovan Kyška-Pipík
Investigators from institution:Martina Sýkorová, Dušan Starek, Erika Kovacs
Co-operating investigators:

Mgr. Seko Michal


The Miocene subtropical climate in the Central Paratethys culminated in the Middle Miocene climatic optimum (MMCO), followed by periods of warming and cooling (from MMCO to 8.5 Ma.) showing a gradual cooling trend. Factors of climate change could be the paleogeographic changes as well cyclicity of solar activity. Freshwater, profundal limnic sediments of the Turiec Basin with rich fossil microflora and microfauna deposited in the period from 8.0 to 6.0 Ma are an opportunity to obtain data on cyclicity and variability of the environment in that period. To achieve the objectives, a multi-proxy approach will be applied on profundal deposits. Heavy metal concentrations, natural gamma-radiation of the deposits, paleobiological and geochemical analyzes will be used as proxy data. The magnetostratigraphic data will permit a correlation with international stratigraphic scale and they allow calculating a model on a sedimentation rate, analysis of time series and detection of changes in variability and cyclicity.