High-pressure metamorphism in the crystalline complexes of the Western Carpathians
Project ID:VEGA 2/0060/16
Principal investigator:Marian Janák
Investigators from institution:Igor Broska, Milan Kohút, Ján Madarás, Igor Petrík, Štefánia Pramuková, Ľubica Puškelová, Pavol Siman, Mária Šipková
Co-operating investigators:

Eclogite facies rocks are a westige of deep crustal subduction during the orogenic cycle. The aim of a proposed project is study of high-presure, eclogite facies rocks in the crystalline complexes of the Western Carpathians. Identification of eclogite facies mineral assemblages and timing of metamorphism can be achieved using modern mineralogical, petrological and geochronological methods. In addition to the presence of eclogites, it is important to investigate the host rocks of eclogites, such as kyanite-bearing paragneisses and orthogneisses as well as metaultramafic rocks. It seems to be obvious that also these rocks, closely associated with metabasites, underwent high-pressure metamorphism. P-T conditions of metamorphism can be obtained from thermobarometric calculations and phase equilibria modeling. Timing of metamorphism and exhumation can be constrained by geochronological methods using different geochronometers. The reconstruction of metamorphic P-T-t paths followed by eclogite facies rocks can decipher the mode and timing of subduction and exhumation. This can provide a fundamental framework for elucidating the overall geodynamic evolution of the orogenic belt with implications for the geological history of the Western Carpathians.