Stability and retrograde alterations of accessory minerals from the rocks of collisional orogenic zones
Project ID:VEGA 2/0067/16
Principal investigator:Igor Petrík
Investigators from institution:Igor Broska, Marian Janák, Milan Kohút, Ján Madarás
Co-operating investigators:

The geological evolution of orogenic zones (in polymetamorphic terrains as in Western Carpathians) involves burial, metamorphism, magmatism, post-magmatic transformations, retrogression and subsequent metamorphism. Rocks adapt (re-equilibrate) to new conditions via reactions among their minerals. Here, accessory minerals (monazite, allanite, ilmenite, apatite, magnetite, ilmenite, rutile, kyanite, graphite, diamond) are very informative when reacting with rock-forming minerals (garnet, biotite, plagioclase, muscovite) by changing composition, or formation of new assemblages. The transformations of accessories (in addition to rock-forming) are extremely useful for derivation of pressure, temperature and fluid compositions using equilibrium reactions among them. Because theretrogression of UHP rocks is almost inevitable, often only the accessory minerals maintain information on peak conditions. The essence of the project is the study of transformations of these minerals and their use for geodynamic interpretations