Crustal tectonic structures in Eastern Slovakia – interepretation based on magnetotelluric and others geophysical data
Project ID:VEGA 2/0091/15
Principal investigator:Vladimír Bezák
Investigators from institution:(Jana Bučová), Ján Vozár
Co-operating investigators:

Interpretation of the crustal structure of the Western Carpathians in Eastern Slovakia using the combined modeling of geophysical and tectonic data. The project is continuation of crustal structure interpretation in the western part of Slovakia in previous stage of investigation. New modeling of magnetotelluric (MT) data measured in several profiles in the eastern part of Slovakia. Use of gravimetric, magnetic and seismic data for integrated geophysical modeling. Interpretation of deep structure based on the General geological map of the Slovak Republic, scale 1: 200 000. Identification of major tectonic fault zones and areas with anomalous manifestations of the geophysical field. Geological interpretation of the geophysical anomalies.