Convective dynamics of phase transition in the Earth's core
Project ID:VEGA 2/0115/16
Principal investigator:Peter Guba
Investigators from institution:Miloš Revallo, Fridrich Valach
Co-operating investigators:

Ševčík Sebastián, Brestenský Jozef


The project is focused on the theoretical study of convective dynamics of phase transition of multicomponent mixtures with application to the phase boundary between the inner and outer core of the Earth. A problem of nonlinear convective dynamics of a ternary dendritic zone, incorporating the interaction between the fluid flow and structure of the solid phase and the dynamic effects of material diffusion, will be analyzed. Theoretical predictions of the model will be compared and contrasted with the observed existence of chemically distinct layers within the Earth’s inner core with discontinuities at radii 870 km and 1050 km.