Biostratigraphy and paleoecology of jurassic and lower cretaceous “fleckenmergel” facies in Western Carpathians
Project ID:VEGA 2/0186/17
Principal investigator:Silvia Antolíková
Investigators from institution:Marián Golej, Vladimír Šimo
Co-operating investigators:

Prírodovedecká fakulta UK Bratislava


Paleontological and paleo ecological research of the facies “fleckenmergel” type in the Western Carpathians has not been well realized. Facies constitute paleo environment of the specific ecosystems in which it is possible on the basis of the fossil record of different groups of organisms (eg. calcareous nannofossíls, fossil tracks, foraminifera and bivalve molluscs) get a lot of information in particular on the age classification of sediments, as these are often heterochronies facies. Facies will be subjected to whole-rock chemical analyses in order to detect and specifying the conditions of formation of the facies “fleckenmergel” type in the Western Carpathians.