Earthquakes in Central Slovakia in November 2015

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In Central Slovakia between Banská Bystrica and Podbrezová, it came to an earthquake with a local magnitude of 3.2 on 3rd November 2015, at 14:02 CET.

Close to Rajecká Lesná, it came to a slight earthquake with a local magnitude of 2.1 on 5th November 2015, at 23:44 CET.

Both earthquakes were also macroseismically observed by the inhabitants of the surrounding villages.

The earthquakes were recorded by the seismic stations of the Slovak National Network of Seismic Stations and the Local Seismic Network of Eastern Slovakia.

The Earth Science Institute SAS in Bratislava will continue to analyse the records of the seismic stations as well as the data relating to observed effects of the earthquakes.