Meeting of Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova with the Slovak Commission for UNESCO in Bratislava

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Ms Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO during her visit to Slovakia on Friday, May 6th, 2016, attended the extraordinary meeting of UNESCO in the Grandhotel River Park in Bratislava. In her speech, he stressed a close cooperation with the Slovak science with the UNESCO headquarters in the past and the present. She highlighted the active participation of committee members in international committees and international activities of UNESCO. Ms Bokova emphasized the importance of education and learning in the mutual understanding to cultural coexistence in peace, tolerance and compliance. He highlighted the importance of efforts to arouse interest of today's young generation of knowledge, culture and values. In this respect, the UNESCO organization through its National Commission plays a major role in spreading the ideas of tolerance and understanding of cultural diversity.

Director-General of UNESCO, Ms I. Bokova, Mr. E. Minchenberg and Ms. K. Novotna, Slovak Ambassador in Paris heard details of prof. L. Molnar who referred on activities and tasks of SK UNESCO, Dr. P. Miklánek on the activities of the International Hydrological Programme, ing. J. Oslányi on the work of the Biosphere Programme MAB / MAN, prof. M. Kolárová on Bioethics, ing. Alojz Androvič on the UNESCO Memory, p. A.Polievková on the Documentation Centre of the University Library, dr. D. Kopčanová on the education of the Roma community and information of ing Ristvej on Amavet.activities.

The President of the Slovak Geoscience Committee dr. J. Michalik thanked to Ms. Director General on behalf of all participants recently finished Jurassica 12 International Conference for the role that UNESCO has already filled half a century in the development of international cooperation. He said that IGCP programs were always for our geovedcov impetus and springboard for participation in the project. The fact that the Jurassica conference turned from a regional event to international forum with the participation of top scientists from 11 countries, has been just a result of its joining with ICS and IGCP program.

Ms. Bokova praised the activities that Natural Slovak community in developing the knowledge and protection of nature and highlighted the excellent example of the Polana Biosphere Reserve. She praised Slovak citizens for active involving to the creation of the natural environment in their daily lives.


Text: J. Michalík

Translated by: Marek Vďačný