Confocal Raman and infrared micro spectroscopy is intended for mineral and molecular identification, material characterization, fluid inclusion analysis and, perspective in future time-resolved photoluminescence studies.

LabRam HR 800 (Horiba Jobin-Yvon)

  • Optical petrographic microscope Olympus BX51 with long working distance objective lenses 5, 10, 50, 100x and UV 40x, polarized transmitted and incident light
  • Czerny-Turner monochromator 800mm focal distance, diffraction gratings 600, 1800, 3600 gr/mm,
  • Peltier cooled CCD detector 1024x256 px Open Electrode front illuminated, spectral sensitivity 200–1050 nm, pixel size 26x26 μm,
  • Excitation lasers: 266nm/10mW, 532nm /300mW, 633nm/17mW
  • Fast mapping (SWIFT technology), XYZ motorization,

FTIR module – same-spot Raman + FTIR measurement, 60° Michelson interferometer, KBr beam splitter, spectral range 650-4000 cm-1, resolution 4 cm-1, ceramic IR source 0,25 mm2, MCT detector, mapping.