The observatory is dedicated to monitor climate and air and precipitation quality. It is run by the Department of Atmospheric Physics in cooperation with Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute. Monitoring stands are placed at piedmont of Vysoke Tatry mountains and represent the climate of forest area. The observatory is equipped by standard climate station and by air quality monitoring station.

WMO identification code: 11957

Coordinates: 49° 09′ 10″ N, 20° 17′ 28″ E, elevation 810 m a.s.l.

Both climate station and air pollution station are placed in free space out of the village on the edge of a complex of Slovak Academy of Science and both of them are a part of the observing network of Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute. All measurements are automatic with on line data transfer.

Parameters monitored by the climate station:

  • air temperature, air humidity, air pressure
  • precipitation, snow cover height
  • wind direction and wind speed
  • solar radiation components (global radiation, diffuse radiation, reflected radiation, UVB)
  • radiation balance
  • soil temperature and soil moisture

Parameters monitored by the air pollution station:

O3, NO2, NOx, PM10, PM2,5

Besides to above mentioned parameters the station serves as background station of EMEP programme to detect Pb, As, Cd, Ni, Cr, Cu, Zn in air and in precipitation and to measure ph and conductivity of precipitation.

Further to that CO2 concentrations are monitored.

New instrumentation was installed in both stations via the projects implemented by Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute.

The observatory works since 1988 and the data supply Partial Monitoring System – Meteorology and Climatology and Environment Air which is a part of Monitoring system of Slovak Republic. These data are important for climate studies in Tatra region such as for Climate Atlas of SK, for Atlas of the Tatra Mountains – abiotic nature and also in regional assessments of air and precipitation quality.