Paleomagnetic laboratory is housed in the building of the Earth Sciences Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Banská Bystrica. Part of our instruments is situated in the area of the Astronomical and Geophysical observatory (Faculty of mathematics, physics and informatics, Comenius University) in Modra (, about 65 km from Bratislava (GPS coordinates: 48,37327278° N 17,27402056° E).


Major research areas

Paleomagnetic research focuses mainly on magnetic fabric studies and geodynamic and palaeogeographic studies of the Western Carpathian tectonic units in close co-operation with foreign research groups mainly from Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic.


Our Instruments



Magnetic Vacuum Control System (MAVACS) is a system designed to create and maintain a virtual magnetic vacuum.

Magnetic Vacuum Control System MAVACS with triaxial Helmholz Induction Coil System HELICOS, Rotating Coil Magnetometer ROCOMA and Induction Coil Control Unit ICCON is a selfcontained automatic system creating a limited non-magnetic space for paleomagnetic investigations (accuracy of magnetic vacuum: ± 2 nT). Thermal demagnetization is conducted in the oven situated in the centre of the MAVACS system (maximal temperature achievable in the central oven:  ≈ 700 °C).

  • Manufactured: GEOFYZIKA n.p. Brno, (non-existent), former Czechoslovakia


JR-5 Spinner Magnetometer

Laboratory instrument is used for measurements of remanent magnetization (RM) of rock specimens.

  • Sensitivity: 3 pT
  • Accuracy of measurement of RM components: 1%, ± 3 pT
  • Manufactured: GEOFYZIKA n.p. Brno, (non-existent), former Czechoslovakia


Kappabridge KLY-2 (magnetic susceptibility bridge)

Laboratory instrument is designed for measuring the magnetic susceptibility of rocks or other materials and its anisotropy.

  • Sensitivity of the bridge for specimen of nominal volume 10 cm3: 4 x 10-8 SI
  • Accuracy within one range: 0.1 %
  • Manufactured: GEOFYZIKA n.p. Brno, (non-existent), former Czechoslovakia